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Program 1Malaysia Micro Entrepreneur (1MME)


1Malaysia Micro Entrepreneur Program (1MME) is one of the 2015 Quick Wins program agreed in the Inisiatif Stategik Pembangunan Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil 2015 – 2020 to form a strategic partnership with the PNS Academy dedicated to the development agenda of hawkers and petty traders (micro entrepreneur). This five (5) years program is targetting hawkers and petty traders who have been selected based on the criteria established by the association of hawkers and petty traders and PNS Academy.


  • To transform mind and self-advancement of hawkers and petty traders;
  • To ensure hawkers and petty traders undergo a continuous learning process (theory) and practice what they have learned in their daily business activity;
  • To enhance hawkers and petty traders’ competitive advantage; and
  • To provide exposure and knowledge for hawkers and petty traders on the importance of innovation and business strategy. 


  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills in the management of association of street hawkers and small entrepreneurs including association of food trucks
  • Providing exposure related to mentoring & coaching techniques
  • Creating a mechanism to promote local/regional products
  • Implemented in six (6) locations
    1. Participants: 205 people.
    2. Development of Hawkers and Small Entrepreneurs Proposal was presented to YB Minister of KPDNHEP by the association on 25th November 2017 during National Consultative Council of Hawkers and Petty Traders Meeting, Vol. 1/2017 at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh, Perak

1Malaysia Mobile Hawkers Program(1MMH)


1MMH is one of the initiatives by Ministry to change the landscape and developing hawkers and petty traders communities under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) 10. It aims to help participants among the hawkers and petty traders to operate mobile food business at a several places designated by the Local Authority (PBT). In 2016, the ministry implemented 1MMH as a pilot project in Putrajaya with the participation of ten (10) participants under the Putrajaya Hawkers and Petty Traders Association.


  • To create competitive advantage and attractive business environment;
  • To provide presentable and well organized business site;
  • To expand market traded product;
  • To increase participants income and living standards; and
  • To encourage involvement of the target group to participate in the business.


  • Participant’s vehicle with a modern food truck concept which met the standard requirement stipulated by the Road Transport Department (JPJ);
  • Participant displays 1MMH logo and business brand on the vehicle; and
  • Participant displays menu and price list.

Implementation in the Year 2017

  1. Jelajah Transformasi Perniagaan (JTP) programs have been implemented in two (2) locations – Malacca and Kedah
  2. Kursus Pemantapan Peniaga Food Truck have been implemented in three (3) locations – Putrajaya, Tanjung Malim, Perak and Malacca
  3. Organized Festival Food Truck Malaysia (FFTM) 2017 starting from 22-26 November 2017 in conjunction with Karnival Jualan Mega (KJM) 2017 in Bulatan Amanjaya, Ipoh, Perak.
  4. Obtained recognition from Malaysia Book of Record (MBOR) for Konvoi Food Truck Terpanjang with the journey as far as 130 kilometre away with participation of 100 food trucks.

Penjaja 1 Malaysia Program


  • PProgram Penjaja 1Malaysia (PP1M) is an initiative made by the Ministry through the National Blue Ocean Strategy 7 (NBOS 7)
  • PP1M aims to upgrade the business area to be cleaner and attractive, emphasizing on the healthy food prepared for customers as well as to provide secured and conducive environment.
  • PP1M also involves smart collaboration of various government agencies, private sectors, including SSM, Bank Rakyat, SKM, KKM, KPKT, BPT, PDRM, BOMBA and others.
  • PP1M also involves volunteer’s participants including IM4U, Rakan Muda dan Belia, PLKN and local communities.


  • Improve cleanliness level in business premises.
  • Provide healthy and nutritious food.
  • Increase traders’ income.
  • Tighten the sense of belonging among traders.

Implementation of PP1M in the Year 2017

Scope of the Program
  1. Business Grant Aid Scheme
    • Provide assistance to entrepreneurs who attended the PTM training program
  2. Upgrading the Business Site
    • Executing promotional programs and exhibition of business space using container for the purpose of upgrading the image of entrepreneurs and the business of street hawkers and small entrepreneurs including enhancement training
    1. Achievement
      1. Five (5) program participants were granted the business grant aid.
      2. Collaboration with Malaysia Co-Operative Societies Commission (SKM) in developing the street hawkers and small entrepreneurs through selected cooperatives developed by SKM.
      3. Collaboration with Polytechnic Sultan Azlan Shah, Behrang, Perak in upgrading Commercial Centre for local street hawkers and small entrepreneurs.

Program Transformasi Minda (PTM)

Objective of the Program

  • To create street hawkers and small entrepreneurs that are capable to be competitive
  • To strengthen/streamline the existing businesses – increase in sales
  • To expand the business – new branch/business entity
  • To transform the business. For example modern mobile business (modern food trucks), food chains and online business - new business;
  • To improve and expand the existing businesses and
  • To transform the business into new forms of business.

Scope of the Program

  • Training program such as Mindset Transformation Programme (MTP) :
    • The aim is to provide training to the street hawkers and small entrepreneurs to develop and extend the business to a higher level.
    • Implemented through phases starting from March 2017 to September 2017.
    • Involving the collaboration between KPDNHEP with Department of Education Polytechnics, Community
    • Colleges of Education Department
    • 2017 Achievement
      1. Applicants: 713 people
      2. 20 selected locations – 15 Community Colleges, 5 Polytechnics and IUKL.
  • Loan scheme i.e. Hawkers Loan Scheme:
    • Purpose of the loan:

      • Purchase of fixed assets;
      • Modification of physical vehicles; and
      • Revolving capital for mobile business.
      • Loan amount up to the limit of RM100,000.00.