Home Trade Business Petroleum And Gas Management Industry Application Procedures For The Approval Of Proposals For New Petrol Station Development Sites, PCS And Other New Supply Concepts
  1. Written applications from major oil companies / mini oil companies for proposed petrol station development sites, PCS and other new supply concepts including but not limited to CODO and DODO concepts shall be submitted to the Ministry.
  2. The application should include clear and detailed information of the following: 
    1. Details of company and station operator
      • Name
      • Company registration no.
      • Address
    2. Information on Proposed Station Site/ PCS
      • Lot No.
      • Land area
      • Sub-district
      • District
      • State
      • Land Status
      • Land Owner
      • Location near country borders within a 25 km radius (yes/ no)
    3. Local Area Information (within a 10 km radius of proposed site)
      • Total population
      • Main activities of population
      • List of villages/ residential areas
      • List of infrastructure such as schools, restaurants, hotels and mosques / suraus
      • List of nearby petrol stations with an estimated distance from the proposed site location
    4. Schedule of Development Implementation Period (from the date of approval of the Development Site from KPDNHEP)
      • Appointment of Consultant/ Architect
      • Process for Planning Permission (KM) from the Local Authority
      • Station Development works
      • Approval from Fire and Rescue Department and Public Works Department
      • Business Licence Approval from PBT
  3. All proposals for the proposed petrol station development site, PCS and other new supply concepts from major/ minor oil companies will be reviewed and studied at the New Petrol Station Development Committee (JPSM) level.
  4. Approval of Site Permission will be given a valid period of six (6) months to a maximum of two (2) years subject to the development period provided by the company as in Para 2 (iv).
  5. PDA Authorization and CSA License must be applied from KPDNHEP upon obtaining approval of the Planning Permission (KM) and Building Plan Permission within the approved Site Permission period.
  6. Should one fail to obtain the KM approval and Building Plan Permission within the Site Permission approval period, the applicant must submit an extension period application with justification to the Ministry.
  7. KPDNHEP reserves the right to grant site permission to other companies/ station operators if the first company/ station operator fails to respond within 1 (one) month from the effective expiry date of the approval.
The application shall be submitted to the following address:

Secretary General
Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Level 2,
Tower No. 13, Persiaran Perdana
Federal Government Administration Center Presint 2
(u.p.: Director of Vehicle Petroleum Subsidy Management Division)

Tel: 03-8882 6873
Fax: 03-8882 6094