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Petroleum Safety Unit is responsible in assuring and overseeing the safety of petroleum industry by preparing and updating the principle, enactment and regulations especially for Petroleum (Safety Measures) Act 1984. This Act controls the safety of petroleum from the aspects of storage, handling, transportation and utilization of equipment/appliances.

For the purpose of increasing awareness and understanding on safety aspects, this Unit also manages talk programs, seminars, classes and courses and acts to coordinate enforcement action by related department or agency through Petroleum (Safety Measure) Act 1984 and its regulations there under.

In the light of that, Petroleum Safety Unit’s is responsibility in preparing and updating Act and regulations related to petroleum safety which consist of:-

The two rules under this act are:

  • Petroleum (Safety Measures) (Transportation of Petroleum by Water) Regulations 1985
  • Petroleum (Safety Measures) (Transportation of Petroleum by Pipelines) Regulations 1985

Petroleum Safety Unit also responsible for :

  • Observing the execution and coordinate enforcement vide Act and the regulations by the related department or government agency
  • Secretariat to Petroleum Safety Industry Venture Team
  • Compilation of data and information on the petroleum safety industry
  • Increase awareness and understanding about safety aspect in petroleum industry; and
  • Helping and advising related organization or individual for the development of the Malaysia’s Petroleum Industry Safety.
  • Regulations (Safety Measures) (Transportation of Petroleum via Railway)

This unit also acts as the Secretariat for the Committee to Consider & Approve Applications under Section 21 (1) and Section 22 of the Exclusive Economic Zone Act, 1984 [Act 311].

  • Section 21 (1) No person shall construct, operate or use any island, installation or structure in an exclusive economic zone or continental shelf except with the authority of the Government and subject to such conditions as it may impose.
  • Section 22 (1) No person shall install underground cables or pipelines in an exclusive economic zone or continental shelf without the Government's approval marking the laying of such cables and pipelines.
  • Section 22 (2) Without prejudice to subsection (1), the Government may impose such conditions as it thinks necessary to install or maintain such cables and pipelines in the exercise of its right to take reasonable steps for continental shelf exploration, natural resource exploitation and prevention, reduction and control of contamination of the cables or pipelines.
Any further enquiries regarding safety in the petroleum industry can be directed to :-
Branch Of Petroleum And Gas
Domestic Trade Division
Ministry of Domestic Trade,
and Consumer Affairs,
No. 13, Level 4, Precinct 2,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62623 Putrajaya

No. Telephone : 03-8882 5500

Cik Nur Zakiah Hanis bt. Zainon
Assistant Director,
Petroleum Safety Unit,
Branch Of Petroleum And Gas,
Domestic Trade Division

Tel : 03-8882 6991
Email : nurzakiah[at]kpdnhep.gov.my