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Tribunal Award

  • The Tribunal shall, where practicable, make its award within 60 days from the first day of the hearing before the Tribunal commences.
  • The Tribunal may make any one or more of the following awards:
  1. that a party to the proceedings pays money to any other party;
  2. that goods be supplied or resupplied;
  3. that the goods supplied or resupplied to the consumer be replaced or repaired.
  4. that the price or other consideration paid or supplied by the consumer or any other person be refunded to the consumer or that person;
  5. that a party comply with the guarantee;
  6. that money be Awarded to compensate for any loss or damage suffered by claimant for any loss or damage suffered by the claimant;
  7. that the contract be varied or set aside, wholly or in part;
  8. that costs to or against any party be paid;
  9. that interest is paid on any sum or monetary Award;
  10. that the claim is dismissed;