‘Buy Malaysia Products’ Program


Buy Malaysia Campaign is a follow up of Buy Malaysian Product Campaign which was launched in 1998. The rebranding campaign aims to encourage consumers to buy made in Malaysia products and help local entrepreneurs to face the less favourable economic growth. It is also to raise the public awareness of the quality of goods and services that is offered in Malaysia on par with international standards.

The implementation of this campaign involves two main approaches, which are the awareness campaign in the mass media and social media, as well as the implementation of the Buy Malaysian Products Campaign


  • Enhance patriotism among Malaysians for Malaysian-made goods and services;
  • Stimulate domestic economic growth by increasing the purchase of local goods(domestic consumption);
  • Help entrepreneurs to expand marketing network by improving the local requests;
  • Increase awareness among the public on the quality of Malaysian-products and services that are competence internationally.

Definition of ‘Malaysian Products’

Definition of Malaysian goods for the purpose of this campaign is “the product must be manufactured in Malaysia and contain at least 51% of the material / content and local products produced shall involve the manufacturing process (manufacturing activity)”.