Notice of Sale

1. What are the expressions used in referring to notice of sale?

The expressions which indicate cheaper price of goods as to be compared to its previous price include the usage of wording such as:

  • Sale
  • Discount
  • Reduction
  • Best Buy
  • Best Price
  • Special Price
  • Price Crush
  • Every Day Cheaper Price
  • Half Price Offer

2. How many time in a year that notice of sale could be organised?

  • 3 times – the dates chosen by Controller of Trade
  • 2 times – the date chosen by the trader

3. When is the dates gazetted by the Controller of Trade for the year of 2017?

Notice of Sale dates for 2017 gazetted by the Controller of Trade are:

  • Early Year Sale – 1st March 2017 until 2nd April 2017
  • 1 Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival – 1st May 2017 until 31st August 2017
  • 1 Malaysia Year End Sale – 1st October 2017 until 1st January 2018

4. What are the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to organise sales?

  • The goods which are sold with “low price” tag must be at least 50% from the total of all goods displayed in the same premises.
  • The minimum reduction percentage of the price of good supplied must not be less than 10% from the price of good supplied.
  • Notice of sale must be displayed at places that are noticeable. Whereas the goods particulars and prices can be displayed on any electronic display screen or to be kept in folder or file or to be placed at eye- catching spot and within customers’ reach.
  • If trader is holding sale in more than one business premises, a copy of notice of sale must be displayed in every premises. The particulars of goods and prices shall be displayed like how it should be in paragraph 3.
  • Traders must maintain a complete record of the goods prices for the previous 6 months which are offered in the same premises.
  • Traders must display on every goods “previous offered prices” and “sale”. The price offered previously” is the lowest price (fix price) sold for 28 days continuously in the same premises for the period of 3 months before the starting date for sale (excluding low prices during sales)
  • The registration number and the date of sale as well as the KPDNHEP’s logo must be stated in any form of advertisement.
  • KPDNHEP’s logo must be in National Language and could be translated to any other languages. It should be handwritten or printed with a height of not less than 5mm.
  • Traders must maintain one reasonable stock of goods for sale.
  • Every sale held must not be more than 30 days except for the date of the Controller.

5. What is the procedure to apply for a sale notice?

  • Application of sale notice must be done online through the Sale Notice application system provided at website.
  • Trader must get a password in order to use the application system of sale notice.
  • Application of sale notice can be sent online to any KPDNHEP state or district branches.
  • Authorised sale notice must be printed by the trader and need to be displayed at every premises which is used to hold the sale.

6. Can I reduce the prices without producing the sale notice?

Yes you may do so, only when a reduction or the decrease in price is made in one of the following conditions:

  • Does not indicate any comparison with any other prices
  • Compliant with any other particular requirements related to the purchasing of the goods:
  1. Purchase with purchase discount (PWP)
  2. Coupons, Discount Vouchers
  3. Member’s card
  • Is made verbally inside the premises where the sale is held
  • Involves perishable goods