Consumer Education and Awareness Programme



Student Consumer Movement (GPS), formerly known as Higher Education Institutions Consumer Club is a structured group entities, constitutional, regulatory and civic leadership consisting of university students who have similar interests and preferences, and aims to work together, helping each other and share resources in carrying out activities and achieve the targets set and agreed upon in matters of consumerism. All information available in the GPS Portal that can be accessed at



Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia has set up a Consumer Club in School (KPS) since 1992 which serves as the driving force of consumer education in secondary schools. Participant of the school students was carried out with focus on three main aspects that are practical and easy to apply, namely:

  • Prudent Spending
  • Balanced Diet
  • Environmental Protection

Among the programs are lectures consumerism, consumer exhibitions, demonstrations of consumerism, study visits, training trainers consumerism, recycling projects, KPS camps, consumer corner competitions, consumer quizzes, consumers explorace and consumers of interactive challenges.




KADS1M established by the Ministry with the objective to help reduce the cost of living students in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the country public and private sectors. KADS1M will benefit about 1.5 million university students across the country. In implementing this KADS1M initiative, the government does not incur any expenditure and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for companies that give discounts as well as the bank that issued the card. Discount of 2% to 60% for selected goods and services subject to the terms and conditions set by the companies that took part. All information / info, promotions in KADS1M Portal can be accessed at