Franchise Development (PPF)


Franchise Development Programme (PPF) is a marketing program based on the concept of Malaysia Incorporated, which aims to develop entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the commercial, and industrial services. Implementation of the franchise system allows the participation of SMEs in a wide range of local and international business and the risk is lower compared to starting your own business.

Under PPF, parent company or franchisor give the right of marketing / distribution of a comprehensive to SMEs or franchise company to run a viable business and competitive based on a mutually agreed contract for a certain period of time and conducted in an area identified.

Condition of participation

All the franchisor or master franchisee who has been registered under Section 6 of the 1998 Franchise eligible under the Franchise Development Programme to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Submit the complete BPF 1 form and have checked the accuracy
  • Submit audited financial statements for the last 3 years which have been examined and found to be viable
  • Submit projected profit / loss of the franchisees for the past 5 years have been examined and found to be justified
  • Have at least one outlet franchisees owned by Bumiputera companies to meet a ratio of 30% Bumiputera franchisees as required
  • Entrepreneurs and potentially eligible to be appointed as a franchisee and business companies or entrepreneurs who have the potential to be franchised products is invited to join the PPF.