Malaysia’s Preferences Program

This program was first introduced in 2003 with its objective as to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs to market their products in hypermarkets / supermarkets as well as to raise awareness about the existence of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) products to the user (buyer). It also aims to establish cooperation between the entrepreneurs and the hypermarkets / supermarkets. The program was conducted in collaboration with the Foreign Hypermarket (Aeon, Aeon Big, Giant and Tesco) and a local supermarket (Mydin, Tesco, The Store, Sunshine and UO Superstore).

This promotional program is run throughout the year at selected locations. Each program will be held for one to two weeks to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote and market their products. New products with highest demand and sales during the promotion period is likely to remain listed in the supermarkets concerned. Existing products in supermarkets also would be able to promote their products when this program is executed. The supermarket will make an assessment in terms of production capacity, financing, product quality, packaging, labeling, sales performance and commitment by the entrepreneur to ensure that SME products able to compete with other established products in the market.