Submission of Business Franchise Annual Report (LTPF)

Under the Franchise Act 1998, the franchisor or master franchisee who is registered under Section 6 of the Franchise Act 1998, MUST submit the Annual Report of Business by completing Form BAF 6 within 180 days from the date of the financial year end. Under Section 6, any person who fails to submit the annual report to the Registrar of Franchise Businesses, the KPDNHEP is guilty of an offense.

Some of the information required in Form BAF 6 is as follows:

  1. The following number / name / address / franchise outlets :
    • Outlet belonging to the company;
    • Outlet belong to franchisees in the country;and
    • Outlet belong to franchisees;
  2. The annual return;
  3. The latest disclosure document; and
  4. The latest audited financial statement