Tribunal for Consumer Claims – FAQ

1. What are the objectives of Tribunal For Consumer Claim Malaysia?

TTPM was established with the aim to provide an alternative way for consumers to claim for any loss suffered in respect of any goods and serviced purchased. The Tribunal provides these services in a less cumbersome, speedy manner and at minimal costcompared to claim for loss in the ordinary civil court.With the establishment of the TTPM, consumers can file claims for loss of low quality purchased goods and unsatisfactory services rendered that supplied by the merchants or supplier.

2.When was Tribunal For Consumer Claims Malaysia (TTPM) established?

TheConsumer Claims Tribunal was established on 15 November 1999 simultaneously with the date of enforcement of the Consumer Protection Act 1999.

3.What are the limitations of jurisdiction for Tribunal For Consumer Claims Malaysia?

  1. The Tribunal shall have jurisdiction in respect to any claim where   the amount ofthe claim is not more than RM 25.000.00.
  2. Tribunal has no jurisdiction for claims:
  • arising from personal injury or death;
  • for the recovery of land, or any estate or interest in land;
  • in which the title to any land, or any estate or interest in land, or any franchise, is in question; and
  • in which there is a dispute concerning :
    • the entitlement of any person under a will or settlement or on any intestacy;
    • goodwill;
    • any chose in action;
    • any trade secret or other intellectual property and
    • where any other tribunal has been established under any other written law to hear and determine claims that are under the jurisdiction of that other tribunal; and
    • claims for purchase of goods or services for commercial purposes.

4.How is the response by consumer to the Tribunal For Consumer Claim Malaysia?

From the year 2000 till 2010, 54,942 cases have been filed where each year there has been increased in the number of cases being filed. The response from consumers pertaining to the increase in demand is very encouraging. It can be seen in terms of number of claims filed. The increase is because of the cases being heard in less cumbersome because of the easy procedure, minimal cost because the fee charged is RM 5 and speedy manner where by case can be settled less 60 days from the date of filing.